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Carmens Group ready to spread its wings to help transform Hamilton (Hamilton Mountain News)

Hamilton’s Carmens Group has not only risen from the embers of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is eagerly awaiting the opportunities to spread its wings across southern Ontario and beyond.
During a June 5 gala presentation in the Chedoke Room of the Hamilton Convention Centre, P.J. and Joe Mercanti revealed the future trajectory of a hospitality company that started with a bakery in 1978 on Concession Street and is now poised to transform Hamilton.

“We are refocused on our growth strategy,” said P.J. Mercanti, chief executive officer of Carmen’s Group. “Hospitality will always remain core to our identity.”

But the future, said P.J. Mercanti, will be a “commitment to pandemic-proof verticals”’ including city building and food production.

Prior to March 2020, the company had four venues, including the convention centre, Carmens Banquet Centre, a boutique hotel on the Mountain, and six brands.

It was only five years earlier that P.J. and Joe Mercanti had taken over the Carmens Group operations from their father, Peter Mercanti, and unveiled the company’s new “rising Phoenix” logo.

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