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Careers - Carmen's Group
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Join Our Team

Success starts with our people.

Our people are the foundation, key stakeholders and drivers of our success. Without an exceptional team, it would be impossible for us to deliver on our vision of delivering extraordinary experiences. With this in mind, we have committed ourselves to hiring talented, passionate individuals and to keeping them engaged, challenged and inspired across all levels of the organization.


At Carmen’s Group, you’ll find a highly inclusive culture that celebrates and encourages individuality and diversity. Our emphasis on sincere, human connections and our commitment to our values means that we believe in attitude over aptitude and will provide you with professional growth opportunities and the resources you need to reach your potential.


We’re always looking to grow our team with exceptional people from all backgrounds. We welcome you to explore our open job listings or to send us your resume and let us know why you want to work with Carmen’s Group.

We’re hiring! Visit our team at the Carmen’s Group Job Fair on March 21, 2017 at the C Hotel by Carmen’s.

Click here for more information.


We’re always looking for the industry’s best talent.


“We treat every guest, vendor and coworker with respect, integrity and dignity.”


Restaurant Service

Our restaurant service team create personalized dining experiences for our restaurant guests and patrons. We offer a flexible approach to scheduling and provide you with a fast-paced, energetic, and professional atmosphere to hone your dining skills.


Currently Hiring

Server at Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club – APPLY NOW

Banquet Service

Our banquet service teams are brand ambassadors, entertainers, and the face of Carmen’s Group. We strive to go above and beyond for all of our clients regardless of whether they are attending a large wedding or a small meeting. The diversity of our events offers you an exciting and engaging atmosphere where you can hone your social skills and meet incredible people.


Currently Hiring

Banquet Server at C Hotel – APPLY NOW

Daytime Banquet Server at Carmen’s – APPLY NOW

Waitstaff at Hamilton Convention Centre – APPLY NOW


Our bartenders are enthusiastic and use their personality to enhance the guest experience while serving responsibly. We offer flexible, non-traditional bartending hours, and the opportunity to showcase your mixology skills to a captive audience.


Currently Hiring

Bartender – All Venues – APPLY NOW

Maitre' D

The Maitre’D manages the event.  They act as an ambassador for their venue serving as a liason between the guests, and service staff.  They demonstrate superior customer service and ensures flawless execution of the event.

Currently Hiring

Maitre’ D – Carmen’s Banquet Centre – APPLY NOW

Guest Services Agent

Our Guest Services Agents are the Guest’s first interaction with the C Hotel.  They have the ability and empowerment to make the Guest’s experience more than memorable.  They use their personality to enhance the guest experience and delivery exceptional customer service with a combination of passion and communication.

Currently Hiring

Guest Services Agent – C Hotel- APPLY NOW


“We are passionate about what we do.”


Line Cook

Our line cooks are vitally important to the overall success of our events. By applying best practices in the preparation of delicious menus, you will learn the art of culinary production by some of the industry’s finest chefs. The line cook position is a perfect stepping stone for anybody seeking a career in culinary art.


Currently Hiring

Prep and Line Cook at Baci Ristorante – APPLY NOW

Prep and Line Cook at Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club  – APPLY NOW

Prep and Line Cook at Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s  – APPLY NOW

Senior Line Cook at Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s  – APPLY NOW

Banquet Chef

The Banquet Chef is a hands on leader in the kitchen.  They prepare and execute food for Banquets of all sizes in a professional manner.  They are energetic and dynamic and are also vitally important to the overall success of our events. The Banquet Chef is a mentor for future culinary artists.


Currently Hiring

Head Banquet Chef at Lakeview – APPLY NOW

Banquet Sous Chef at Baci Ristorante – APPLY NOW


“We support our team and “carry the ball” for one another.”



Our stewarding department is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in our dishes and even more pride in the team who keeps them clean. We encourage our stewards to take ownership for their work as the success of the customer experience depends on pristine tableware and glassware.


Currently Hiring

Steward at Baci Ristorante – APPLY NOW

Lead Steward at Carmen’s – APPLY NOW


The Housekeeping Team is responsible for meeting established standards of cleanliness and propriety.  They assure guest satisfaction from behind the scenes.

Currently Hiring

Housekeeper at the Best Western C Hotel by Carmen’s – APPLY NOW


The Maintenance team is responsible for providing a comfortable and safe guest environment by maintaining equipment and property environment; completing preventive maintenance requirements; responding to emergencies; and accommodating guests to ensure satisfaction and a positive guest experience

Currently Hiring

Outdoor Maintenance at Carmen’s – APPLY NOW

Decor and Event Set-Up - C Hotel

Our décor and setup teams make our ballrooms come alive by artfully turning ordinary spaces into masterpieces all in the blink of an eye. Our diversity of events, hours and venue location offer a fast-paced and engaging atmosphere to hone your teamwork and communication skills.

Currently Hiring

Decor and Event Set-Up C Hotel – APPLY NOW


“We believe in bringing diverse perspectives to the table in terms of education, skill set and experience.”


Information Technology

Our IT department is open to new points of view, shares their knowledge and experiences, encourages questions and suggestions, and demonstrates honesty with clients and team members.  They ensure we stay innovative and efficient as we continue to grow.


Currently Hiring

IT Manager at Carmen’s Group – APPLY NOW