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The Next Chapter - Carmen's Group
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The Next Chapter

The next chapter in the Carmen’s Group story has officially begun; today the Phoenix has risen!

When my father Peter and Uncle Morris started Carmen’s Bakery in 1978 on Concession Street they never would have imagined the longstanding influence that their brand of hospitality would have on the City of Hamilton. The Mercanti Family has always been passionate about good food and making new friends so a life in hospitality was destined. True to the ‘merchant’ name and with an unwavering faith in this city, the ambitious brothers decided to build a banquet hall on Hamilton’s east mountain, a move many considered risky. Today, Carmen’s Banquet Centre has become a destination and it has paved the way for the creation of the region’s most beloved establishments including the Best Western Premier C Hotel, Baci Ristorante, The Lakeview and the Hamilton Convention Centre.

This same brand of courage and visionary foresight will be harnessed as the next chapter of our company’s story is written. Over the past 10 years many have rallied around the comeback that is Hamilton and the hospitality industry has helped to anchor this renaissance. Hospitality pioneers have helped to build this city one street corner at a time, one neighbourhood at a time, one district at a time. We sometimes don’t acknowledge that homemade food and authentic hospitality are at the core of Hamilton’s DNA – and that Canada’s very own calling card, Tim Horton’s Donuts – started as a neighbourhood shop on Ottawa Street in 1964 (ironically, one block from where my father and uncles grew up). The fact that one of the world’s largest hospitality companies has its roots as a gritty, blue-collar establishment, created by Hamilton’s finest, is no coincidence.

Carmen’s Group feels privileged to be a part of a movement that is changing the image of Hamilton through inspired hospitality and showcasing to the world the character, the passion and the authenticity of Hamilton and its people. A city cannot build lasting momentum on the backs of the few…it must be a team effort where every corner of the community plays a role in pushing the flywheel. This spirit of teamwork is at the core of the new Carmen’s Group. We have developed a team of hospitality champions who focus intensely on delivering on our mission and brand promise, who chase our vision, and who embody our core values at every opportunity. A signature element of the new Carmen’s Group is our Phoenix logo, which has become our calling card and the symbol of our next chapter.
Why is our new brand logo a Golden Phoenix? Like a phoenix, we seek to represent purity, clarity, creativity, resurrection, reemergence and transformation. And much like the City of Hamilton itself, Carmen’s Group has experienced a transformation. We have learned that we need to harness the best of our past while reinventing ourselves to achieve success for tomorrow. We will spread our wings in a quest to make an impact and build up our great city. Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” The curiosity of Morris and Peter Mercanti in 1978 has positioned our team for the next phase of our story. We are excited to blaze into the future with unforgiving courage in an effort to continue to build the dream that is Hamilton.

Are you ready to join us in writing our next chapter?

P.J. Mercanti

CEO, Carmen’s Group


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