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Carmen's Group Cares | Community Program in Hamilton
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Carmen’s Group Cares

We are committed to creating a better future for our community by being involved and making a positive difference.

Hamilton is our home and, as an organization of passionate professionals, we believe in being good citizens within the community that we live, work and play.  Through our Carmen’s Group Cares program, we actively pursue opportunities to better the lives of those who need a helping hand. Our team is committed to donating our time, resources, and knowledge to improving our community in a meaningful way.


We focus our support primarily at the community level in the areas of youth, education, social services & poverty reduction. We are particularly interested in providing support to organizations that focus on empowering children with the resources they need to live healthier and more successful lives. If you are interested in requesting support from Carmen’s Group, please click here or email community@carmensgroup.com.


We’ve strengthened our community program by partnering with local organizations such as Good Shepherd, United Way, Charity of Hope and City Kidz. Here’s what they have to say.

Looking to partner with Carmen’s Group Cares?